Common questions

Choosing DTWI® certifications

Why obtain DTWI® certifications?

The Digital Transformation World Institute is renowned and recognized worldwide for its certifications based on the Ecosystem DTWI®. The professional with DTWI® certifications is recognized and has a unique differential in the professional career of ERA EXPONENTIAL.

Acquiring certification exam

How to buy a DTWI® Certification exam?

It's very simple. Just choose the certification and language you want, make the purchase online safely.

Understanding the certification exam

How do I prepare for the exam?

Option 1 - self-study - On the page of each certification you will find the reference and material for taking the exam.
Option 2 - official training at DTWI® Authorized Educational Partner (AEP).

When will the exam be available for taking?

After purchase, you will receive an email with the procedures for taking your exam.

How long will the exam be available?

After purchase, you will have 90 days to take your exam.

Why are exams monitored and validated?

All exam sections are monitored, recorded and evaluated through I.A.-based web-proctoring system to guarantee credibility, quality, safety and market value of DTWI® certifications.

How can I retake my exam?

We advise you to retake the exam after at least 48 hours, during which time you can review your studies.

Querying the Certificate

After taking the exam with minimum approval, when and how will the certificate be available?

After reaching the minimum approval score, our team of evaluators will check your exam section and if there are no abnormalities, your certificate will be issued and sent automatically within 10 days.

How can I access the DTWI® Certification System?

On the DTWI® portal, click on the “My Certifications” option in the footer menu, log into your account and access your exams and certificates.

How can the authenticity of the DTWI® certificate be consulted?

Option 1 - With certificate code - On the DTWI® portal, access the option “Certificate Authentication” in the footer menu, then just include the certificate verification code to authenticate it.
Option 2 - With QR Code - Place the camera of your smartphone in the QR Code of the certificate to authenticate it.