Become an Authorized Educational Partner

Have more credibility, recognition and visibility in the market

  • The DTWI® Authorized Educational Partner (AEP) Program qualifies education service providers and training institutions seeking market excellence.
  • AEP DTWI® demonstrates commitment to the quality and commitment required for excellence in training and vocational education.
  • By achieving the status of AEP DTWI® means that your organization has been approved in the DTWI Educational Program® to administer official trainings based on our quality standards and code of conduct.
  • Training providers,
  • Universities and educational organizations in general,
  • Consultants and specialists wishing to act as an AUTHORIZED EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT (AEC) DTWI®.
  1. The organization or educational advisor fills out the partnership intent form.
  2. Our technical team and quality control evaluates the interested.
  3. After the evaluation, the interested party will be contacted to finalize the partnership process.


As an official partner, you gain the right to use the AEP DTWI® seal, generating greater visibility and credibility for your business.

Quality Assurance

Achieving the status of AEP DTWI® shows future students that their organization will provide official preparatory training for quality certifications.

Together with our partners we are present in five continents